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Boohoo is a fantastic UK online catalogue for womenswear. boohoo clothingThey have a massive range especially in the Boohoo Dresses section (current count over 300 dresses). One of the most striking things about them are the prices. Considering they are a high fashion store, the clothes are really reasonable. If you budget is just £20 you could pick up a gorgeous dress, especially if you can get something from the boohoo sale! (note – like many online stores now boohoo free delivery no longer exists, though the charges for delivery are reasonable).

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If you don’t know the store, boohoo UK is one of the leading fashion retailers aimed at trend seeking women although they also have a range for 9-13 year old girls called boohoo sister. All of their ranges are designed to be on trend whilst at the same time being cost effective (I don’t like to use the word cheap, because they are certainly not the cheapest fashion outlet, but they are great value).

It is hard to believe that they have become such a huge fashion store in such a short time (they only started in 2006). They have one of the best online experiences I have come across with some great multi-media options, Facebook pages and even a boohoo TV channel!

boohoo party dressThey are great at putting outfits together such as the current ones with great names like “boy meets girl”, “tough glamour”, “vintage jewel”, “animal instinct”, “pleather”, and “luxe grunge” – great names for great lines in fashion, if you get the chance, you really should check them out!

One of my fave areas is the look book where you can see people wearing the items you are interested in, it makes it a little more real when buying online.

The changing room tool is awesome too – an interactive dressing room kinda thing where you pick from loads of items and throw them together to see what the outfits look like – then if you want them, click 1 button to get them into the basket, just to make it easier to buy things!

boohoo TV shows all the great videos they have available which is a lovely way to while away sometime watching cool fashion ads!




boohoo sale

The boohoo sale section is pretty cool too with (currently 63 pages of 80 things in each – you do the maths) a huge range in the sale from all the sections.

boohoo dresses

boohoo is probably best known for its range of gorgeous dresses, with hundreds on the site at any one time – with the search facility making this easy to find the ones you are looking for.

All in all, one of my favourite places to shop online – if I haven’t persuaded you already, click below and have a look!

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Wendy Greer - UK Catalogue and Online Shopping

p.s. Please don’t blame me if you spend the next few hours looking around the Boohoo site – it’s not my fault they have so much to choose from 😉


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