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Jacques Vert chiffon trim cardigan

For anyone who doesn’t know who or what Jacques Vert is – where have you been? No, in all seriousness, Jacques Vert has been around since 1972 when Jack Cynamon and Alan Green, two tailors from the East End of London, started to make clothes together. They created a number of collections and went with a French twist in their name (Jack & Green became Jacques Vert – yep it took me and my French GCSE a while to get there too!).

The company also has 3 other brand names to their group – Planet, Precis Petite and Windsmoor – but the Jacques Vert original is still by far the largest and most well known. Together they have over 900 retail outlets, mainly within department stores, but some stand alone ones too. And obviously they have the great websites, the Jacques Vert one we are discussing here.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. What does Jacques Vert sell and why should you shop there, and perhaps why you shouldn’t!

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Why should you shop at Jacques Vert?

The Jacques Vert website, like the stores has some fantastic clothing on offer, but the best thing for me is the collections and the way they put things together in elegant co-ordinating outfits. You really can get everything you need from one place on this website. Two particular collections are the Jacques Vert wedding and the Jacques Vert Wisteria Lane collections.

Jacques Vert Mother of the BrideWeddings

Jacques Vert is the best online store for elegant womenswear in the UK. Specialising in wedding outfits for the bride, bridesmaids and definitely the mother of the bride & mother of the groom, Jacques Vert should be the number one destination for your wedding clothing shopping.
There is a whole section on wedding outfits that can be found here, currently with over 120 items available. These range from dresses, skits and tops through to hats, bags and shoes. So if you want a co-ordinating wedding outfit you should certainly check out the Jacques Vert wedding collection.

Wisteria Lane

Taking the inspiration from the elegnace of the desperate housewives living on Wisteria Lane, the Jacques Vert collection is very shimmery with blues and silvery greys as the main themes of the collection.

Why not shop at Jacques Vert?

Are there any good reasons not to shop at Jacques Vert? Well, the only reason I can think of is that of price. There are certainly cheaper places to buy clothes on the web, but as my mother always used to say – you get what you pay for – and the quality of the Jacques Vert collection is superb.

Jacques Vert ripple pleat boleroDelivery & Returns

Jacques Vert standard delivery within the UK is free at the time of writing and shoul be with you within 3 working days. Express delivery is £6.75 and should be with you much quicker – you know if you suddenly realise a couple of days before the wedding that your outfit has a great big hole in it;)
Returns are pretty standard – best thing to do is to check the website first before you do anything.

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p.s. remember, that if you are on a budget, the Jacques Vert range isn’t out of your reach – they have a great sale section with some fantastic bargains up for grabs.


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