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Truffle Shuffle must have one of the largest ranges of retro t-shirts on the internet and couple that with all the other weird and wonderful items they have in stock from the era of the 80s, you can lose hours of a perfectly good evening just browsing around the store!

Truffle Shuffle Goonies T ShirtTHE number 1 best seller (and has been ever since I’ve been shopping on the TruffleShuffle site) is the Goonies t-shirt (mens and womens). You remember the Goonies right – that tweeny flick back in the 80s about those American pre-teens that found a treasure map. Chunk is the rather podgy kid who has a particular dance called the Truffle Shuffle where he stands on a chair, lifts his shirt and wiggles with the obvious effect on his excess flab!!

Truffle Shuffle Retro T-Shirts

Anyway – back to the store. They have 3 main categories – Mens, Ladies and Kids with a whole heap of retro gear in each from bags to mugs from belts to gadgets – they have it.

They also allow you to sort by genre and in their case this is TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons and even fairytales plus a host of other areas.

Other top sellers are the Top Gun t-shirt, a variety of Michael Jackson tee shirts. Truffle Shuffle also have a really cool celeb spotting page where you can find all the recent celebrity t-shirt wearers – just look on their press pages to find the most recent.

Where sizes are applicable, they let you know what is in stock which is cool.

They ship outside of the UK and within it delivery is free on all orders over £50. They also offer a great 30 day no hassle returns policy. Want your t-shirt the next day? No problem, just order before 3pm and they will ship the order on the same day!

Are you ready to give TruffleShuffle a try?

Click here –TruffleShuffle

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